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Create Quality SEO Website Articles for Google Ranking

Quality SEO articles are writing or posts that are search engine friendly (SEO Friendly) and user friendly (User Friendly).

Create Quality Seo Website Articles for Google Ranking

Quality articles are also called search engine-friendly web/blog content writing (SEO Content Writing).

According to Google, in its Webmaster Content Guidelines, quality articles are content that is useful to visitors, unique, and not deceptive.

The basic principles of writing quality content for websites/blogs according to Google are as follows:

  • Create pages that are primarily for users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t cheat your users.
  • Avoid tricks meant to increase search engine rankings.
  • What matters most is whether you feel comfortable explaining what you’ve done to your competitor’s web page, or to a Google employee.
  • Another useful test is to ask, “Will this help my users? Could I do this if no web crawlers?”
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or interesting.
  • Make your website stand out from others in your field.

How to Write Quality Articles

For search engine optimization ( SEO ), so that posts are easily indexed and appear on the first page of Google, do the following.

1. Keywords.

Determine the targeted keywords. For example, Quality Articles. Use keywords consisting of two-three words ( long-tail keywords ) because one-word keywords are dominated by well-known sites or news websites.

Enter these keywords at the beginning, middle, and end of the manuscript, as well as in the subheadings or heading tags. Rewriting keywords up to 2% of the number of words written.

2. Article Length

Minimum length of 300 words. Ideally between 800-1500 words. However, if your writing topic is rare, unique, or not yet available on other blogs/websites, only two or three paragraphs are enough, because there is no competition.

3. Original Quality SEO Articles Content, Not Copy.

Write articles of your own, original, original, not copy-paste content. Copy-pasted content can indeed appear on Google’s front page, but if the author of the article finds out about it and complains about it to Google’s DMCA, then your web/blog history will be over with a Google penalty.

Create at least one “internal link”, namely a link to a previously made article. On news sites, we often find links to news titles that start with “Also Read” or “Read”.

Create at least one external link, namely a link to another website/blog, especially one that is relevant and serves as a source/referral.

The best example of an article full of internal and external links is an article on a Wikipedia page, for example, information about Blog.

6. Heading Tags

Heading plays an important role in creating Quality SEO articles for Websites/Blogs. The heading is the publication of subtitles in articles with larger font sizes.

On Blogger, when writing a post, there are Heading Tags options like in the following image to create subtitles: Heading (H2), Subheading (H3), and Minor Heading (H3).


Heading Blog Post

In addition to being SEO Friendly, blog posts or web articles will be easier to scan and digest with Heading Tags.

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7. Quality SEO Image

Don’t just upload an image (image/photo) for illustration. First name the image file with the targeted keywords. After uploading, don’t forget to give a description.

On Blogger, after the image is inserted into the script, click the image once, then click the “Properties” link to fill in the Title and Alt Text which are image descriptions.

Create Quality Seo Website Articles for Google Ranking
Image Description

Those were the tips on How to Write Quality SEO Articles

Websites/Blogs so that they are easily indexed by Google, are ranked at the top of search results pages and have lots of visitors. Greetings. (*

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