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Online Biz – 9 Tips to Start a Successful in Difficult Times

During this difficult time, successful online biz is an alternative for unemployed people like me. An Online Biz is running a business or looking for money on the internet by selling services or goods.

I myself am currently starting to run an online business by becoming a ” blogpreneur ” –a Google Adsense publisher and selling website/blog creation services, occasional product reviews, or online shops if there are offers ( post advertorials ).

Online Biz 9 Tips to Start a Successful in Difficult Times

The Key to successful online biz

I remember the media lesson for a successful online biz.


  1. Products. Product quality must be good.
  2. Promotions. Promotion must be vigorous and effective.
  3. Please. Make it easy for customers to get products/services.
  4. Price. Affordable and competitive prices.

The key to media business success can be applied to non-media businesses, including online businesses.

9 Tips & Keys to Success Online Business

For online businesses with “hub” websites or online store blogs, here are tips for online business success from Addicted2Success. In essence, optimize your online shop website or business blog so that it invites lots of visitors.

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The 9 “Golden Rules” below I “translate freely  plus additional information.

1. Make sure your website is simple and well-organized to make successful online biz

Keep Your Website Design Simple and Well-Organized. In terms of web/blog design, use simple, clean, user-friendly, SEO-friendly, fast-loading, and mobile-friendly (responsive) templates.

Arrange internal links in such a way as to make it easier for readers to explore your web content, such as search boxes, category/label lists, related products, the latest products, best-selling products (top sales), and popular posts.

2. Perform Quick Responses to Visitors.

Respond To Your Visitors Promptly. Don’t let your potential buyers wait long for a response or answer if they ask a question or place an order.

3. Interaction with Visitors.

Engage Your Visitors. Turn visitors into active participants on your website. Provide comment fields and share buttons (social share).

4. Give reasons for visitors to return to your website.

Give Your Visitors a Reason To Come Back. Put forward your upcoming featured product or interesting post that will be updated on your website.

5. Don’t Over Sales

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Do Not Over-Sell To Your Visitors. Don’t expect buyers to buy up all of your productsDon’t just offer products on your website. Fill web content with interesting and useful posts for readers.

6. In Online biz Don’t Overdo the SEO

Technique Do Not Over Optimize Your Website. Use reasonable Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Using SEO Meta Tags, SEO friendly, fast loading, and responsive templates are sufficient, plus quality posts with reasonable on-page optimization — for example, don’t overdo repeating keywords.

Do Not List Your Website In Bad Neighborhoods. Be careful blog walking and leaving links. If your business blog links to sites that are not credible, it can reduce the reputation of your business blog.

8. Manage Quality Newsletters.

Maintain a High-Quality Mailing List. Prepare a “Subscribe Form” or Subscription Box to make it easier for visitors to get the latest info, offers, or products from your business website.

9. Remember, Your Consumers are “Real People”. in online biz

Even though playing in cyberspace, always remember that your consumers are humans too. Real People. Not machines or robots.

Those are the tips & keys to online business success. The key is in your business blog. The more attractive the more visitors and consumers.

You, especially those who have succeeded in doing business online, can “alms knowledge” with various successful tips in the comments column.

Still not enough tips? Please Choose  Another The Right Online Business: 15 Tips to Start a Successful. Greetings. (*

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