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Really Are Breadcrumbs Good for Blog SEO in 2023?

Breadcrumbs are inline SEO navigation with internal links that allow visitors to quickly navigate back to the previous section or to the front page. Are usually above the post title. But, are Breadcrumbs good for Blog SEO? We ask Google.

He said the breadcrumbs would help the user (users, readers) to understand and navigate the blog hierarchy. Google will identify and use to understand and present information about the blog page in search results.

“When you mark up breadcrumb information in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and use it to understand and present the information on your pages in our search results.” (Google).

The Google Support Webmaster itself has Breadcrumbs installed.

Really Are Breadcrumbs Good for Blog Seo in 2023

Many SEO experts say are unnecessary. However, there are also those who say it is good for blog SEO. Hala… so confused!

for example, SearchEngineNews.Com said the benefits of Breadcrumbs for search engines and users.

Search Engines: They provide another mechanism to highlight important keywords for the search engines to note in your navigation. They add content relevancy to your pages because they are all now keyword-intensive. They provide added on-page SEO emphasis that highlights specific anchor text rich linking to internal pages.

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For Site Visitors: Breadcrumbs provide a visual keyword guide to what they may be seeking. They provide a convenient, keyword-rich way to navigate a site internally. They encourage higher CTR from searchers when seen within search results

The benefits of Breadcrumbs are also stated, check Usability Geek.

The blog template that I use “says” SEO Friendly, but it doesn’t have any breadcrumbs… So, my conclusion is… are not really necessary in an SEO Blog! How about your blog?

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