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Money Making Online From Watching Videos 2023

Money Making Online in an easy way is what many people want, and various application developers are also competing to create applications that can provide money in easy ways, such as watching videos.

It might sound a bit unreasonable, right, just by watching videos, we can earn money as additional income. But it’s true. Money Making Online apps by watching videos do exist and are quite popular.

However, with so many applications of this type, how to know which one is really good and safe? So, in this article, we provide Money Making Online app recommendations that you can try.

Money Making Online Which 4 Apps Just Watching Videos

1. VidMate Cash

From the name alone, you can tell that the VidMate Cash application is a Money Making Online app. That’s right, this application whose main function is as a video and song download application also has a point feature for every video we watch.

The points that we collect from watching the video can later be disbursed into cash. You can simply open the “Earn Cash” menu, then look for the “Reward Task” feature to complete the task of watching videos.

You can choose to watch videos according to the duration given by VidMate Cash to get points, starting from 2 minutes which earns 40 points, up to a duration of 180 minutes which earns 400 points.

Money Making Online by Watching Videos 4 Recommended Apps

Points awarded can be exchanged for cash. The value for every 400 coins is IDR 40. So, the more often you watch videos on the VidMate Cash money-making app, the more money you can earn in a day.

Apart from watching videos, you can also get points easily, namely by opening the application every day, or daily check-in. No need for complicated conditions. Every time you open the application for the first time that day, you will immediately get 400 points. Not bad, right?

If that’s still not enough, you can complete other tasks such as downloading certain applications with different price points, ranging from 100 to 30,000. Oh yes, you can also get points if you successfully invite friends to join, you know.

2. Watcherviews

The next money-making app recommendation is Watcherviews, an application for the content creator community that has the advantage of helping them promote Youtube videos while increasing the number of visitors on their channel.

Even though the application is community-based, you don’t have to have a Youtube channel, because you can only use this application to collect money from watching videos available in the application.

To get money, you only need to enter the “Tap to Watch” menu which will automatically take you to visit the video page. So, for every 10 videos that you watch, you will get points that can later be exchanged for money.

3. You-Cubez

For those of you who like watching YouTube videos, there is an application called You-Cubez that will give you money every time you watch a video. Imagine earning easy money just by watching videos.


Besides being able to earn money by watching videos, you can also get additional money from watching ads available in this money-making app. To just fill spare time, of course, this activity can be used to generate extra income.

Some other activities you can do to increase your income include recommending and inviting friends to join. The more friends who join, of course, the more money you can get.

4. Baymac Money Making Online

Of all the types of money-making apps on this list of recommendations, Baymac is the most different, because this application uses a ticket system to earn money.

The way Baymack works is by inviting us to participate in watching certain video shows, then at the end of the video, we have to guess the type of video we just watched. If the answer is correct, then we will get a ticket.

The video duration that is displayed is not too long, starting from a 50-second video to a 3-minute video. So, the questions given are in the form of guesses about whether the video is a type of music video, film, gameplay, and many others.

The number of ticket quotas that we can get in a day can vary, ranging from 10 to 100 raffle tickets. The draw itself is carried out every day at 12.00. The prize for each raffle ticket is very tempting.

Oh yes, because cash prizes are given in dollars, so make sure you already have a PayPal account to receive the money transfer, OK?

Money Making Online by Watching Videos 4 Recommended Apps

So, that’s a list of money-making app recommendations that you can use to get additional income, just from watching videos every day.

Keep in mind, that this recommendation is not a solicitation to invest, and as much as possible, don’t make this application your main source of income, because the results that everyone gets are definitely different.

Good luck!

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