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Getting Backlinks Recover From Google New Update 2023?

Getting backlinks is very important to support ranking on a website or blog. However, if the backlinks obtained are indicated as spam, then the opposite result will have a bad impact on our website or can lower rankings on search engines.

But what exactly are disapproved links and how do you reject them?  Yarbaiwa’s Check it below. Don’t skip any steps to successfully Disavow links or remove spam backlinks in webmaster tools.

What is Disavow Link?

Disavow link is the act of rejecting backlinks that we don’t want in the form of negative backlinks from attacks by other parties or SEO competitors from irresponsible parties to eliminate the SERP results of website pages.

Google Disavow link is a tool provided by Google to reject unnecessary backlinks and even have a negative SEO effect on your website.

Is it necessary to Disavow the Link?

As previously mentioned, not all links that point to your blog are of good quality. There are also bad backlinks and they should be removed.

Generally, bad links have several characteristics, such as coming from low-quality sites, such as prohibited sites such as JUD, pornography, and so on.

Not only that, the links that you get automatically are of much worse quality. If you ever do, you should disavow backlinks.

Getting Backlinks Recover from Google New Update 2023

links from content that is not relevant to your blog can also be bad. You can imagine finding links to beauty articles on blogs that discuss automotive.

So now the question is how to reject or reject bad backlinks.

To start rejecting links that you don’t want, you can use a powerful tool, namely Google Disavow links. Make sure you follow all of the following step-by-step and don’t miss a single step.

The first step is to open the Google Disavow Link Tool. A simple way to find spam links is to use the search console. Enter the search console > Link > and find links that are indicated as spam.

Apart from that, you can also download all backlinks in CSV format and open them on your computer. However, you can also take advantage of sites like Ahrefs and so on.

The next step is that you need to create a list of domains or URLs that you will save or reject with notepad. Then save the list in TXT format.

How to make it is to enter a link or domain into notepad with a format like the example below. Use “domain:” for the domain you want to deny or disable.

# Two pages to be rejected

# A domain that will be rejected

If you have finished making the list, then you need to upload it to the disavow tool. This tool is not available in the latest version of the search console, but you can follow the link below

  1. Go to the rejected links feature page.
  2. Select a registered website
  3. Just click on the disavow link
  4. Upload the file that was created earlier
  5. done

Here I only provide a demo and use one domain, you can download all backlink lists from Google Search Console and first sort the links that you want to reject with the format as above.

Save in .txt format, don’t forget.

But remember! Don’t choose good backlinks,  before uploading the links you want to reject, crosscheck twice.

To see the results you have to be patient to give Google time to crosscheck and it will take approximately 2 weeks. Why do I say two weeks because I have proven it? Maybe your link disavows process can take more than 2 weeks, a month, or even more than 2 months.

The final word

Good luck, I hope this article on How to Disavow Links to Remove Bad links can help you again be confused about How to Remove Bad links or SEO Spam Backlinks which can make you dizzy and lower your SERP on Google Search.

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