lucky loan Best Personal Loan 91 to 365 Days

Lucky Loan is a platform that serves users needing short-term loans. It will provide users with safe and reliable loan services.

Ideal: Establish a healthy and good lending relationship between the platform and users.

Application Conditions

1. Citizens holding a Sri Lankan identity card

2. Age must be between 18-65 years old

4. Have a bank account in Sri Lanka

3. Ability to repay

Application Purpose

1. Download the app (Lucky Loan)

2. Fill in your accurate information

3. Apply for a loan within the app

4. After approval, the loan amount will be transferred directly to the user’s bank account

Product Description

Loan amount – 5000 to 85000 LKR

Loan term – 91 days to 365 days

– APR: 3% to 12% per annum

– Management Fee – 1% to 5%

Late Fees Late fees of up to 0.1% per day (up to 18% of the overdue amount) are charged. There are no other secret fees on your Loan.

– Users will only be penalized for late scheduled payments.

Lucky Loan Example

APR 12% (per annum) 5000 LKR loan with a term of 91 days

Loan interest = 5000LKR x 12% / 365 x 92 = LKR 151.2

Loan Fee = 5000 LKR x 3% = 150 LKR

Total loan = 5,000 LKR

The total loan amount is 4850 LKR (50,000 to 1,500 LKR).

The total Loan that needs to be repaid is 5151.2 LKR (5000 LKR + 151.2 LKR).

– Repayment of 5151.2 LKR due

Information Security

User information is safe.

All information is encrypted and protected; we do not share user data with third parties.

Contact Support

Company name: Atmonline Technologies Pvt Ltd

Address:3rd Floor Deal Place Colombo 3

Phone number:0760966361

Email:[email protected]

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