Secucash – New Best Instant Loan app up to 100,000 NGN

Instant online loans are available in Nigeria using Secucash. There is no collateral requirement. Send money and receive it to pay bills and even apply for loans without hassle. Credit products that have low interest rates.

Secucash Instant Loans – No Hassle Financial Solutions

Secucash provides you with online loans that do not require secure collateral. Our easy-to-use loan app offers many features to make your financial transactions easier:

  • Pay anyone in Nigeria with your account number.
  • You can add cash to your bank account easily
  • Transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria at no cost
  • Apply for loans immediately and get approved without delay
  • Pay your bills in a flash using our platform
  • Our platform uses the same loan software that is as reliable such as PalmPay, Palmcredit, Tloan, and Branch

The Loan Products You Need are Tailored to the needs of your business

We have a wide range of products for online funds specifically designed to meet your needs:

  1. The loan duration ranges between 91 and 180 days
  2. The maximum loan limit is 1,000 NGN up to 100,000 NGN
  3. Please take advantage of our low-interest rate, which includes the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 19% annually

For example, consider the possibility of a loan of 20,000 NGN within 91 days. The charges associated with the loan are the following:

  • Interest rate for the month: 1.58%
  • Interest per month: 316.67 NGN
  • Monthly total payment: 6,983.33 NGN
  • Genuine curiosity: 960.56 NGN
  • The total cost of the refund is 20,960.56 NGN

The Path to Obtaining a Loan

  1. Install and download the Secucash App
  2. Please create a profile and then complete it with the basic details
  3. Request the loan you’re looking for online and get an easy and quick approval
  4. Get your loan approved directly into your bank account, which includes essential banks such as Access Bank Group, FirstBank, Zenith Bank Plc, Union Bank of Nigeria, Diamond, Ecobank, and Fidelity.

The eligibility criteria for Secucash Loans

  • It is essential to be a citizen of Nigeria
  • Between 20 to 55 years old

Contact Details

Should you need to address any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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