Sycamore Quick Access Loans in Nigeria

Sycamore is a unique financial service designed to assist Nigerians in gaining access to loans that are not collateral-free, invest in and earn attractive returns, and pay their bills.

Sycamore provides a range of loan options to accommodate the needs of various types of borrowers, including:

  • Salary loans: Receive quick loans ranging from N100000 and up to N5 million to cover your needs for personal reasons for things like rent on your home repair, car maintenance, or a salary advance.
  • Loans for business: Receive instant loans starting at N500,000 and up and up to N5 million to help boost the growth, expansion, or expansion of your company.

The app also provides an array of investment options that will help you build your capital, such as:

  • Investment plans: You can invest starting as low as N100,000 to receive anywhere from 11% up to 16.5 percent annually in returns.

In addition to investments and loans, Sycamore also offers a bill payment service, which allows customers to pay for their regular bills, including:

  • Transfer money
  • Purchase data or airtime
  • Pay electricity
  • Pay-per-Cable subscriptions

Sycamore is a great option for Nigerians who are looking for a reliable and easy way to gain fast access to cash to invest their funds or pay for their expenses.

How do I begin to Sycamore?

To begin start, download the app and go through these instructions:

  1. Create an account
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Request a loan or invest
  4. Approved, and you will get your money

Sycamore is a secure and safe platform. We employ the most up-to-date technology for security to protect your data. We have a dedicated group of customer service agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any queries.

Contact us

In case you’ve got any queries regarding Sycamore, you can get in contact with us:

We hope that you will discover Sycamore, an effective and efficient option to access the money you require when you require it.

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